DANPALON is the complete daylighting solution offering exceptional quality of light, thermal insulation and UV protection with a rich non-industrial visual appeal. The Danpalon system offers substantial physiological and psychological benefits in all work and living spaces.
DANPALON is manufactured from the highest quality polycarbonate and its performance is certified by rigorous testing from worldwide institutions. It offers a new concept in architectural glazing providing outstanding performance and flexibility in design. Use the Danpalon system for roofing, facades or partitions, both internally and externally.

The 5 main reasons to consider using Danpalon carbonate for your prestigious projects are:

  • It regulates the quality of light and gives you brilliant lighting by conserving energy. These panels also present UV protection against harsh sunlight
  • It provides thermal insulation thereby regulating temperature in any building. This is especially good in areas that either receive too much sun or are air conditioned
  • They can be used in various different ways, by alternating translucent with transparent to provide natural lighting. This alternating panels provide a stunning display of light and colors during the night
  • These panels can be used in a wide variety of different ways such as facades, roofing, partitions and cladding. These can be internal or external
  • Danpalon carbonate is also available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, each suited to a different kind of construction
    So now no matter what your construction need is Danpalon will become an invaluable part of all your large construction projects.