A gazebo is a pavilion structure used as a garden or park element with various functions. They’re often added to spacious back yards and public parks. Gazebos are usually free-standing, octagonal and have a small roof above the posts. Because of their octagonal or round shape, gazebos are usually covered with roofing such as shade nets, which come in a kit.
Gazebos are great places for enjoying the breeze and admiring the view of the state-government-provided garden or park. They offer a wonderful place to relax and di-stress after a difficult day. Gazebos provide shade against the harsh sun on hot days and shelter on rainy days. They provide shade, shelter, ornamental features in a landscape, and a place to rest. They serve as gathering places where people can get together to talk or have tea.

Our Gazebos are manufactured with high strength steel to give maximum endurance and stability. You will want to pick a steel gazebo made from galvanized steel to prevent .Steel is a wise choice of material for a gazebo because it is not susceptible to rusting and corrosion during exposure to the elements. More so, it is quite strong and can be bent back into shape should it become damaged or bent for any reason. This makes it last for years of heavy duty outdoor use.
We supply various categories of Gazebos to suit the garden. When we handle your gazebo project, our initial job is to inspect the area and design a gazebo structure that matches the site without losing its aesthetical appeal

Special Feature
One unique feature of our Gazebos that distinguishes it from other canopies is that it is heat proof making it convenient for relaxation under sunlight.

Other Uses
Apart from the above use Gazebos can also be used in:
Swimming Pools
Temporary Structures
Restaurants, etc