AUFMEVIC Marquee Tent Makers

We specializes in sophisticated Marquee Tent designs, manufacturing, projects, marquee fabrication and installation, Rentals of mobile marquee tent and general contracts.


Small Marquee Tents

The Tent is designed for small capacity event, conferences and open meetings


Large Marquee Tents

For outdoor meetings like crusade, wedding, church programs, camping tents and other social events.


Detachable/Movable Marquee Tents

Tents designed to be easily removed and dismantled after event

Marquee Rentals Service

We provide rental materials for marquee tent product including man power at a considerable price options for your events and social gatherings.

Marquee Tent Setup & Maintenance Service

Our skilled craftsmen and well trained field experts are readily available for deployment.

Marquee Tent Material Supply Service

We supply marquee materials to needed destinations anywhere in Nigeria