The novel Corona-Virus pandemic that is currently ravaging the entire world has led government at all levels to employ several frantic and far reaching measures to curtail it spread, detect and treat citizens infected with this deadly virus.
For us at Aufmevic Nigeria Limited (a leading indigenous firm in corporate tent production), the COVID-19 pandemic is first and foremost a humanitarian challenge, so our primary objective or focus is to safeguard lives. Hence in this crucial period of global health emergency, the need to think out of the box with initiatives to tackle the surge of this pandemic cannot be overemphasized.
Therefore, in the wake of the highly infectious and contagious nature of the Corona-Virus and the need to treat infected citizens or persons in specialized Isolation Centers is inevitable. However, the shortage of critical health infrastructures all over our nation has made this a huge challenge in the government fight against COVID-19. Hence, to mitigate against the severity of this challenge, we have thought out-of-the box to produce, “The Aufmevic Customized COVID-19 Isolation Centre Tents”.













This highly durable, quick-fix and ready to use customized Isolation Centre Tents are critical to the fight against COVID-19, in this period of worldwide health emergency.
The features of these Isolation Centre Tents include the following:
➢ It structures is made from heavy duty Aluminium extrusion frame.
➢ It is covered with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging PVC fabrics.
➢ Its floor is made from heavy duty marine-wood with PVC carpets.
➢Its Inner-lining is made of void-materials (i.e. textile materials used for aesthetics covering of the PVC fabrics of the roof and sides of the Tent).
➢ Its wards partitioning are done with Alucoboards (i.e. Aluminium Boards) according to the client’s specifications.
➢ Its toilets and bathrooms are held in a smaller Tent or pagoda, outside the main Tent.
➢It also comes with the Doctors and Nurses office-cubicle held in a separate small Tent (pagoda) outside the main ward-tent. For extra protection of the health professionals.
➢ The technology behind these tents-designs, meant that it needs air-conditioning cooling system for maximum comfort. However, flexibility can be made in this regards, owing to client’s demands and specifications.
These Tents comes in five (5) different models, based on their dimension and bed holding capacity as follows:
1. 10m x 30m (30 Bed space)
2. 15m x 30m (50 Bed space)
3. 15m x 50m (80 Bed space)
4. 20m x 50m (100 Bed space)
5. 40m x 45m (200 Bed space)
These aforementioned models also come in three options, as follows:
➢ Option 1: Platinum Package
This is the premium package in our offering. It consists of the Tents with full complement of all the accompanying accessories and its cooling system must be fully air-conditioned.
➢ Option 2: Gold Package
This second option package in our offering consists of the tents, full or selective compliment of the accompanying accessories and its cooling system is partially air-conditioned alongside industrial fans.
➢ Option 3: Silver Package
This last option package is similar to the second, but its cooling system is purely by the use of different specks of industrial fans.


















These Tents are made from durable materials and can be re-useable after the COVID-19 pandemic. The anti-rust aluminium extrusion frame has a minimum lifespan of 20 years, while the PVC-cover has a minimum lifespan of 10 years.
The installation of these tents takes between 7 – 15 working days, depending on the capacity or size of the tent ordered.
These tents come with a warranty of 6 months after installation.
➢ They are of international standard and quality.
➢ They have the advantage of mobility and flexibility of usage, as it can be dismantled and moved to another location.
➢ They are very Eco-friendly.
➢ They have unique finishing with large span interior, making them very roomy.
➢ They also have the advantage of re-usability (i.e. after the COVID-19 period, the PVC cover can be destroyed, while the Aluminium frame treated and re-use with a new PVC-cover for other purposes.
➢ They have second-hand value (as it can be repurchased where not needed after the COVID-19 usage).
➢They come with very good aesthetics.
The war against Corona-Virus (COVID-19) is winnable and victory is in sight, but it beholds on we all to do the needful. In the light of this, we are calling on the Federal and State Governments, corporate organizations and spirited Nigerians, to patronize these unique Isolation Centers Tents, in the government bid to stamped out this pandemic from our land.
For more enquiry and placement of order, please contact:08037557703, 08163936003.

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