AUFMEVIC NIGERIA LIMITED: Flattening the Coronavirus curve using Aufmevic Tent Technology.

AUFMEVIC Nigeria limited is a leading company in all kinds of shade structures for many years now. As a Nigerian tent manufacturer with our international standard fabrication facilities, we have been particularly flexible for the new demands of the current crisis. We have helped out to quickly deploy medical and isolation center tent solutions knowing fully well that there is going to be a strain on our healthcare system, similar to what other countries are facing. For us at Aufmevic Nigeria Limited (a leading indigenous firm incorporate tent production), the COVID-19 pandemic is first and foremost a humanitarian challenge, so our primary objective or focus is to safeguard lives. Hence in this crucial period of a global health emergency, the need to think out of the box with initiatives to tackle the surge of this pandemic cannot be overemphasized.

In line with the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, we at AUFMEVIC Nigeria limited have been on the lookout and search for ways to salvage the outbreak in her own capacity and expertise in other to flatten the curve and save lives in the country. All hands have been on deck to expand our product range and design new innovative solutions to meet various new market needs as touching the ravaging pandemic. Therefore, in the wake of the highly infectious and contagious nature of the Corona-Virus and the need to treat infected citizens or persons in specialized Isolation Centers is inevitable.



However, the shortage of critical health infrastructures all over our nation has made this a huge challenge in the government fight against COVID-19. Hence, to mitigate against the severity of this challenge, we have thought out-of-the-box to produce, “The Aufmevic Customized COVID-19 Isolation Centre Tents”.

Furthermore, within a fairly short time, AUFMEVIC Nigeria limited have synergized with the state governments, organizations and agencies by using its expertise and experience in the Tent technology to provide Marquee tents used as Isolation centers across the country, knowing fully well that our tent structures can help take the burden off of hospital systems while increasing safety, capacity for testing and care.

The sporadic rise in the number of cases warrants the need for state-of-the-art facilities such as tent structures to provide outdoor shelter and covering for the Coronavirus infected patients as quarantine measures.

So far, AUFMEVIC tents have been installed in several locations as isolation centers in the country due to our fast installation period for the setup of the tent structure, it’s durability and aesthetic finishing.

The installation period spans a few numbers of days and the tent structure can last for years which can also be used for other purposes after the outbreak is eradicated.

We at AUFMEVIC Nigeria limited have successfully installed and completed several isolation center projects in different locations across the country. With our expertise, we have installed isolation center tents for the Lagos State Government through Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) at Onikan stadium. Furthermore, we have also installed another isolation center tent through the Zamfara state ministry of health at Zamfara State, Nigeria.




As hospitals and healthcare facilities do their best to accommodate a surge of coronavirus (COVID-19) patients, we have set up temporary tent structures in the country. Healthcare facilities have experienced a sharp increase in the number of patients who are being tested and treated for (COVID-19 symptoms).

Our tent structures are an ideal solution to provide additional space for emergency cases, coming to the rescue of coronavirus patients, health care workers, and even the uninfected persons, thereby, providing adequate shelter and saving lots of lives.