A. INTRODUCTION: The novel Corona-Virus (COVID-19) pandemic that is currently ravaging the entire world has led government at all levels to employ several frantic and far reacting measures to curtail it spread, detection and eventual treatment of infected citizens of this deadly virus.

For us at Aufmevic Nigeria Limited (a leading indigenous Corporate-Tents production firm), the COVID-19 pandemic is first and foremost a humanitarian challenge, so our primary focus is to safe guard lives.

Hence as we go into the phase of easing the lock down imposed on Lagos State by President Muhammadu Buhari,effective protocols needs to be put in place to ensure that this crucial stage of the fight against this global health pandemic do not overwhelm us.

Thus, the need to think out of the box initiatives to tackle the surge in the COVID-19 pandemic without necessarily creepling the State economy any further.It is in the light of the aforementioned, that we at Aufmevic wishes to show solidarity with the Lagos State Government in its front-line drive to rid the State of this deadly virus by proposing:“The COVID-19 Corporate Compliance Initiative (CCI)” in Lagos State.

B. OPERATIONAL MODE: The COVID-19 Corporate Compliance Initiative (CCI) is geared toward galvanizing the full co-operation of corporate organizations operating in Lagos State to assist the government in its fight against this surging pandemic, through the establishment of “Corporate COVID-19. Sample Collection Centers within the premises of all corporate organization with more than twenty (20) employees, operating within the State.

This is to be done through the collaborative effects of the State Ministry of Health, National Centre for disease Control (NCDC) and these organizations. This initiative is proposed to function as follows:➢

The Lagos State Government shall mandate these corporate organization to provide a place within their premises where “samples” can be collected from their employee for COVID-19 testing fortnightly, by the relevant Health authorities.
➢ Employees with positive test results are pick-up from their offices within 48 hours after testing for treatment at prescribed Isolation Treatment Centers.

➢ Contact tracing of persons with whom such employee have had contact with can then be effectively carried out after investigation.

However, due to the highly infectious and contagious nature of this Corona Virus,We are proposing the usage of our “Customized COVID-19 Pagodas (Tent) that can be installed in 5-hours within the organizations premises, can be easily dismantled and discarded at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

C. MODELS OF THE PAGODA (TENTS): These “Customized COVID-19 Pagodas are made of extrusion aluminum structured-frames with PVC-cover and are well ventilated with a 2 hp standing split unit air-conditioner.These pagodas come in three easily assembled models and designs as follows:

1. 5m x 5m pagoda with accessories valued at N3.5M2, 6m x 6m pagoda with accessories valued at N4.5M3, 10m x 10m pagoda with accessories valued at N6.5M These Pagodas are expected to be procured by the organization for their corporate use, in the fight against COVID-19.

D. VALUE PROPOSITION: The benefits of this far reaching initiative that shall be hugely rewarding to the government and the populace at large includes the following.

➢ It shall lead to voluntary submission of working-class citizens for compulsory COVID-19 testing.

➢ It shall enhance the testing capacity of the State Government.

➢ It shall enhance early detection and treatment of infected persons.

➢ It will also enhance, active corporate participation and support in the fight against COVID-19

➢ It shall increase the COVID-19 sensitization, awareness and consciousness among the citizenry.

➢ Above all it shall facilitate the quick eradication of this deadly virus from Lagos State.

E. CONCLUSION: The war against Corona virus (COVID-19) is winnable and victory is in sight, but it beholds on we all to do the needful.

Hence,Your Excellency we look forward to a fruitful collaboration with the State Government in driving this noble initiative. For more enquiries, please contact:Fome Ozuwo on 07060528282 or Okus Gbododo on 09034355531

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