Stand Out Multi-purpose Structure System for Multi-purpose Usage

Multipurpose-tentHave you ever imagined what you could create with a tent technology?

Well, I want us to spend a little bit of time to briefly talk about this temporary/permanent stand out multipurpose structure system.

We believe that this could be of utmost benefit to you, your company or organization today.

When we think deeply about how life was in the past decades, you would observe that people have always matched their circumstances with their needs.

The early construction of shade structures for protection against atmospheric elements by the human was inspired by nature.

According to American Journal of Energy Research,the main purpose in applying the concept of flexible architectural space is to meet the needs of users, depending on the various internal and external factors of each variable

We manufacture various shapes, designs, and sizes of the temporary/permanent structures.

We’ve helped big brands such as Opal Event Center Asaba Delta state, Beucom Event Center FCT Abuja, West Town Hotel Event Center Ikeja Lagos state, Ruby Garden Event Center FCT Abuja and many more;

To develop dynamic event activities with this multipurpose structure system.

Recommended Features

  1. Roomy long-span interior free from pillars or poles
  2. Structure made of heavy-duty aluminum extrusion
  3. Fire retardant fabric
  4. Steeless
  • Different wall options

a. Glass walls

b. ABS walls

c. PVC walls

d. Aluco board hard wall

Those features are eco-friendly, that means they can withstand all kinds of wind challenge with 80km/h wind load.


The available sizes:

112mmx203mmx4mm, 120mmx350mmx6mm, 166mmx380mmx6mm, 130mmx310mmx5mm.

Original hard pressed extruded Aluminum alloy T6061/T6

PVC with the density of 850g/sqm block-out white PVC for roof and 650g/sqm translucent White PVC for side walls.

Then, water proof, UV resistance, fire retardant (DIN4102,B1,M2)

Why you need this tent technology

  • It can be used as product exhibition center/showroom – during exhibition and tradeshow season, you may want to invest or pay for space prior exhibition date and erect a large tent. For example, you could just invite other resources and urge them to pay to pitch a stand in your large canopy while you make extra cash
  • It can serve as company’s shareholders/distributors hall – take a look at the tent technology for spaces that will enhance your shareholders or distributors meeting. You may want to choose a unique design that will Suit your meeting type. It is also suitable for workshops, training and more. The only thing they have in common is that they are built to impress you and make your meeting environment conducive
  • It can also be used as a center for company’s staff eatery during break hours (Canteen) – you can make use of an empty space to build a temporary hall for company cafe’s, canteen etc as an alternative for civil block wall. Imagine how beautiful it would look like when you are having that delicious meal while enjoying the break hour period with colleagues from different departments, listening to cool music, reasoning things out together and things like that. Aufmevic Nigeria Limited can build any design to suit your company’s mode of conduct.
  • Mobile customized warehouse/storage facility for excess production – now to meet your company expectations, why not allow us to create a storage facility for you with this technology? This mobile warehouse could handle all sorts of goods effectively such as company equipment, imported goods, local oil and gas products etc
  • It can also be used for seminars – you could create a seminar hall or other events such as festivals, fashion shows, wedding ceremony, political party events and much more with this tent technology.

We would appreciate your feedback. Therefore feel free to reach us via email, you may choose to contact us on phone or use the comment box below. All our designs are negotiable, and we are always ready to give you the best service.


How American Stamped Concrete can add Value to your home

Are you building a house in Nigeria? This information will help you choose the best flooring type. You will learn how American Concrete stamp flooring can add value to your environment. We at Aufmevic Nigeria Limited are well known installers of America Concrete Stamp in Nigeria. We can work in every state including Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Abuja. Keep reading to see how the concrete type can add value to your project

The value of America Concrete Stamp presents itself over and over again in all types of projects. From driveways, and patios to theme parks and malls, America Concrete Stamp is chosen for its value improvements including reduced costs, an appealing final products, and easy maintenance. Along with the known durability and long-lasting feature of regular concrete, stamping adds a decorative touch making it a desirable and economical product for all.
Here are the main ways America Concrete Stamp offers real benefits in terms of performance, cost savings, and aesthetics.
· Reduced long-term maintenance and care.
Over time, other surface materials such as pavers can become loose or settle, resulting in tripping hazards. Stamped concrete’s advantage is that it never needs resetting or replacing. It eliminates tripping hazards for parks, resorts, etc.
· Less labor intensive than other surface materials.
Some installers find it more economical to pour concrete and apply a pattern than to haul and place individual paving stones by hand.
· Increased longevity.
Your initial investment in America Concrete Stamp is only part of the total equation. Concrete lasts longer than other materials, is durable in nearly every type of environment, and holds up better to traffic and wear.
· Requires less maintenance.
America Concrete Stamp requires minimal maintenance than most other paving materials which can add up to big savings over the surface’s lifetime.
· Increases resale value of property.
America Concrete Stamp adds instant curb appeal and aesthetic value to a property. You can maximize the return on your investment by choosing America Concrete Stamp over plain concrete.
Compare stamped concrete to other paving materials and see first-hand how concrete stacks up to asphalt, natural stone, and precast pavers. You’ll be impressed with how much America Concrete Stamp has to offer in terms of availability of patterns and colors, longevity and performance, speed of installation, customization, and more.