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How to make millions with Marquee Tent Do you have an empty land you are not using yet? Why allow that land waste?

Do you know you can be making millions on your empty land using marquee tent? Tips by the no.1 marquee tent manufacturer in Nigeria “Aufmevic Nig Ltd”.

In this post today you are going to discover some tips on how you can turn your empty land into a money-making machine.

The use of marquee tents to host wedding events has become quite widespread these days and it’s getting popular in all parts of the world.

However, marquee tents aren’t just meant to host weddings and you can get as creative with their use as you may want to.

In fact, they present a
lucrative business opportunities
for the avid investors who have the best ideas for setting up a permanent and yet a multipurpose physical structure like a Mall or any other such building.

Yes, they’re portable and can be used in as many ways as you like to generate a continuous stream of revenues.

So, what options do you have when planning to use marquee tents in a creative way to make money?

Let’s find out.

1. Start A SuperMarket Venture

Marquee tents are used increasingly to form supermarkets these days in all parts of the world.


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You can set it up anywhere in your neighborhood and start making money selling routine items.

In fact, you can rent some space within your marquee supermarket allowing sellers to set up their stalls and start selling their products.

This will surely double up your revenues as you won’t just be selling your own products but will also be making money from renters.

And the best part is when you are the owner of the a piece of land and building a physical structure on it.

Even if you are not the owner of the piece of land you can rent the empty space and still make your money, but this time you should be able to look at the location.

2. Start A Mega African Kitchen

Another cool idea to start a business inside marquee tents is to set up your kitchen restaurant in the neighborhood.

Obviously, you either need to be a good chef or will have to hire a good team for making a successful restaurant for example, in a place like Lagos, a restaurant business is lucrative.

But you can simply add entertainment like DSTV Satelite shows or goTV, cool music or what have you because people love entertainment.

Therefore, raising such exquisite restaurant will make your business unique and that will keep your customers coming back. Everything can be done within your marquee tent to create a perfect ambiance.

3. Start A Major Event Center

If you are not interested in other business ideas we mentioned previously you can start providing services then. For instance, business associations often need a space for their annual events and product launches.

You can easily capture this market by purchasing the most high-end marquee tents from us that can help you easily create a perfect environment for such an event.

However, big companies pay high and you can expect regular bookings with different firms.

Just like corporate events, marquees can also be used for hosting large-scale birthday parties.

You can also offer catering and other complementary services to sweeten the pot further.

4. Start a Mobile Rental Service

I know a guy who makes millions on marquee tent mobile renting business in Lagos.

And a survey conducted and forecast “2018 Event Rental Industry” by special events say that 75% of their respondents say they will handle more events this year than they did in the previous year.

You can make use of this market opportunity.

How suitable is it? Corporate organizations patronize marquee tent rental companies for their trade fair and exhibition participation.

We observed recently concluded trade fair in Lagos that corporate companies put together, spent half a billion naira for hiring only this marquee tent we talk about.

You can make millions yearly with this product.

You want to get it from the no.1 marquee tent dealer in Nigeria “Aufmevic Nig Ltd” at a cheaper rate compared to other marquee tent manufacturers in Nigeria

5. Products Gallery For Companies

Marquee model can serve as company product gallery or product exhibition centre.

Manufacturing companies, for example, arrange in stock the upcoming year products model. You can take advantage of this also.

6. C.B.T Centre For Schools

The marquee tent’s multi-purpose hall can serve as school computer-based test center for schools. For example, the jamb and w.a.e.c computer-based examination hall as a school facility attract steady inflows from the two examination bodies yearly.

We mean they pay up to #6000,000 to #7000,000 for a 250 candidate in 250 seating capacity hall.

You can take advantage of this yearly slot or opportunity to boost your financial inflow.

7. Mobile Warehouse

The multi-purpose advantage of marquees makes it possible to achieve a warehouse solution for new market penetration of your product & services.

8. Fabrication Factory And Offshore Facility

The roomy span and easy assembling advantage of our marquee structures make it useful for multinational firms to solve storage problems for their heavy equipment that need shelter from weather conditions.

Conclusion: now it is over to you to decide. We can prove to you that we are the no.1 marquee tent manufacture in Nigeria when you come closer.

So work on these tips to make a huge amount of money yearly. Use the comment box below or you can call us on 08037557703 or 08180008870  for more information.


  • Yahaya Makoji

    Hello, Please I would like to know how much it would cost me on avarage to construct a marquee tent for events. Like I would want to have for mobile events services of different kinds

    • admin

      To Construct a 200 Capacity Tent cost 5.5millio naira.

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